Wake up before you go-go


There is something magical about the dawn. Whether you are a night owl, an early bird or something in between. One thing is certain. How you get up sets the tone for the whole day. A conscious start in the morning even contributes to making sustainable choices. What's up with that? Starting your day with peace and space and taking good care of yourself also has a positive effect on your environment.  


Anyone curious about building a morning routine can join this special Wake Up Week for free from Tuesday 22 June to Friday 25 June. Trainer Anne Karen gives every day  Moves & Meditation .  A half-hour series of bio-energetic exercises and meditation. With these morning sessions you release energy in your body and you go into the day with a clear feeling.  See a recording of a Moves & Meditation session here to get an impression.


Live on Zoom every working day

During the week of the longest day, move and meditate live on Zoom for half an hour:

Early : Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 June from 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.

Late : Wednesday 23 and Friday 25 June from 8:30 am to 9:00 am

After registration you are most welcome to participate. Free and without any obligation.

About 52 weeksdurable

Making your life more sustainable step by step in an accessible way. That is what 52 weeks sustainable stands for. Every week the team behind the platform comes up with a new challenge. With a focus on actions that make life more fun, more beautiful, more enjoyable, cheaper and healthier. Nearly 17,000 people are now participating. Week 25 is all about lifestyle and with this challenge you can discover what a morning routine can do for you and your environment.  

Recordings Moves & Meditation sessions

Recording Tuesday 22 June  ( basic series)

Recording Wednesday June 23  (basic series)

Recording Thursday 24 June  (grounding, attention to feet & legs)

Recording Friday 25 June (moving to music)

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